Guatemala Staff

Please note that our overseas staff can change frequently given the different needs of different programs. This list may not fully reflect our diverse and committed staff in Guatemala.

Jorge David Sandoval Bautista | Country Representative
Since 2002, Jorge has worked on reforestation projects, nursery programs and has been coordinating the Women`s Integral Empowerment Program in Comitancillo, San Marcos and Todos Santos Cuchumatanes, Huehuetenango since 2002. Jorge lives in San Marcos with his wife Libia Anayí Méndez López and their son Jordan David Sandoval Méndez. Next year, Jorge will graduate as an Environmental Engineer from the Rural University of Guatemala. Jorge stresses that he shares CAUSE Canada`s vision to help under-assisted people, particularly those of his country, Guatemala. He thanks Beverley, Paul and Roland for their support and their trust and reaffirms his commitment to working with the people of his country with CAUSE Canada.

Pedro Matias Pablo | Project Supervisor, WIEP, Todos Santos
Pedro is 33 years old and has been working with CAUSE Canada as the supervisor of the Todos Santos Cuchumatanes programs since last year. His work consists in organizing meetings with the CAUSE staff in Todos Santos, programming visits to the communities receiving literacy, leadership and business development classes and providing support to both the women and the teachers. Pedro lives in Canton Chipoclaj in the municipality of Todos Santos with his wife and three children Marta Victoria, Aldia Carolina and Pedro Heribert. Pedro is also a tailor and finds a lot of joy and pride in making traditional Todos Santos clothing. He enjoys working with CAUSE because he likes helping his community and he believes in teaching the members of his community important things. Pedro loves going to church and sing and plays evangelical music. He gives thanks to God for His help and support.

César Amílcar Velásquez Matías | Business Development Supervisor, Comitancillo

Cesar is 31 years old and has been working with CAUSE Canada in Comitancillo since 2008. An accountant by training, César lives in Canton Tuililen with his wife Santa Ilda Matías Tomás and their three children Denilson Amílcar, Ilda Liseida, and Ivan Mateo. He gives thanks to God for life and health and also thanks CAUSE Canada for having given him the opportunity. César feels fortunate to have a position in which he can continue learning daily and is dedicated to working with women from various communities in Comitancillo. His focus is on teaching the women how to form a small business within their community, how to increase their income and improve their quality of life. He gives many thanks and blessing to CAUSE Canada and hopes they will be able to continue helping women with insufficient resources in his community.

Regino Pablo Pablo | Business Development Supervisor, Todos Santos

Regino is 23 years old and studied accounting in El Aurora Evangelica College in Huehuetenango Guatemala. His job with CAUSE is to teach the women in his classes about basic finances: credit, loans, interest and savings. He enjoys working with CAUSE because it is field work and because it provides him with the opportunity to work with his people. He thinks the program is important because many women in his community do not have a lot of business knowledge and this program offers them the only women`s only microcredit loans in the whole municipality. In his free time, Regino enjoys working in the fields, planting corn, potatoes, cabbage and other vegetables. He thanks CAUSE Canada for giving him the opportunity to work in an institution that is financed by Canadians, recognizing that all the work that he is a part of would not be possible without the support of the Canadian people.

Rosa Cristina Jeronimo | Literacy & Leadership Promoter, Todos Santos
Rosa is 37 years old and has been working with CAUSE Canada since 2003. Rosa lives in Canton de los Mendozas in Todos Santos, a municipality of Guatemala located in the middle of the Cuchumatanes mountain range with her two daughters Lady Elvira and Ingrid Hilsy. Rosa enjoys teaching the women from her community about personal hygiene, self-esteem and family planning. She also thinks it’s important for the women to learn about the healing properties of medicinal plants. For the last two years, Rosa has spent evenings and weekends studying to become a nurse; she holds a diploma from the Association for Integral Development and Basic Technical Formation. Rosa is happy to work with CAUSE Canada because the women of her community learn through literacy and leadership classes. She enjoys helping the women learn about saving and household budgeting and watching them learn that the agriculture that they are responsible for contributes to the economic well-being of their family.

Susana Edelmira Salvador Agustín | Business Development Promoter, Comitancillo
Susana is 24 years old and lives with her husband and two daughters in Caserio Los Bujes in the municipality of Comitancillo, San Marcos. Firstly, she gives thanks to God for having given us life and also to Jorge Sandoval, the coordinator of CAUSE Canada Guatemala for having given her the opportunity to work in the business development program. Susana feels very happy to be working with women`s groups and has learned a lot in her position as a business development teacher. She feels particularly blessed to have been given the opportunity to learn more about business and to help other women learn and hopes CAUSE will continue helping the women of Comitancillo.