Honduras Staff

Please note that our overseas staff can change frequently given the different needs of different programs. This list may not fully reflect our diverse and committed staff in Honduras.

Rosy Yanina Alvarez Cacho | Project Supervisor, WIEP
Rosy began working for CAUSE in 2005; she holds a Bachelor in Science with a specialization in Nursing. In the past Rosy has been a promoter for the “fighting for the life of our village” HIV/AIDS awareness program. More recently she has been an integral part in developing the health aspects of the leadership curriculum and dreams of taking her education to the next level of becoming a fully licensed registered nurse. Currently Rosy has moved into a role as supervisor of the WIEP program while also facilitating leadership classes.  She is involved in the monitoring and coordinating of classes for women in five communities in Honduras' Iriona district, and works with the WIEP team to meet objectives, complete weekly, monthly and quarterly reports, and guide the implementation processes.

Fausto Javier Green | Business Development Promoter, WIEP
You always know when Fausto is around as his big laugh follows him everywhere. Fausto joined the CAUSE team in August 2008.  He holds a Diploma in Science and Language Arts and is currently working towards receiving his Teacher’s Certificate which will allow him to teach in the Bilingual (Garifuna-Spanish) Intercultural Program for primary students.

Fausto is dedicated to finishing his studies to help ensure better education for children in Garifuna communities. With this same devotion and determination Fausto has been helping women’s groups in four Garifuna communities in the district of Iriona to form solidarity groups, develop business plans and manage small business loans.

Karen Patricia Bernardez Martinez | Business Development Promoter, WIEP
After receiving her Teacher’s Certificate, Paty began her work with CAUSE in 2007 implementing the Organic Agricultural Project.  Providing workshops in four Regional Training Centers in Iriona, the basics of composting, full life-cycle crop management and organic fertilizers were taught.

In 2008, Paty helped form the business development classes in four Garifuna communities.  As well as working on the fine tuning of the curriculum, Paty teaches the women’s groups to develop stronger entrepreneurial skills by providing training in financial management, market analysis, business planning and micro-loan management.

Paty’s work with CAUSE is helping her fulfill one of her aspirations, which is to continually strengthen the wellbeing of the Garifuna and their communities through education and community development.

Antolin Juan Castillo Bernardez | Office Assistant/Caretaker
Since 2005, Antolin has been making sure the wheels of the CAUSE office in Ciriboya run smoothly.  From solar panels to generators Antolin is on it.  Always the first one to know what’s happening in the community and how to track ‘so and so’ down he’s come to be known as the information guy. Antolin also plays an integral part in the processing of cassava - one of the main food staples of the area - as he oversees operations at the local cassava mill in Ciriboya.