Sierra Leone Staff

Please note that our overseas staff can change frequently given the different needs of different programs. This list may not fully reflect our diverse and committed staff in Sierra Leone.

National Office | Makeni
Southern Sierra Leone | Bo, Moyamba + Makeni
Northern Sierra Leone | Kabala

National Office | UNIMAK, Makeni

Joseph Bangura | Country Director
Joseph Bangura is the CAUSE Canada Country Director. He earned a BSc (Hons.) in Applied Geophysics at The Stary Oskol Geological Prospecting College in the former USSR and an MSc in Groundwater and Foundation Engineering at the University of Tübingen in West Germany. He has since led engineering programs for Plan Sierra Leone, Child Fund, Catholic Mission, Community Action for Progress, UNICEF, the World Bank, and the Government of Sierra Leone, in addition to founding GEOWATER Company – for constructing water and sanitation infrastructure – and WEBCO Construction Enterprise – for other construction projects. Prior to becoming Country Director, Mr. Bangura was CAUSE Canada’s Sierra Leone Program Engineer since 2004.

Kenneth Pambu | Finance Officer
Kenneth came to CAUSE Canada well equipped with a BSc in Applied Accounting, a BSc in Mathematics and a minor in economics. Before joining the CAUSE Canada team, Kenneth gained valuable experience working with the Pro Credit Bank as a Loan Officer. In the past he has also has worked as a mathematics teacher at Sierra Leone Grammar School. Currently, he is working to complete an MBA in Finance with a minor in Tax from the School of Social Sciences at Njala University. 

Kenneth chooses to do this work because he appreciates that CAUSE Canada is working for the poorest of the poor in very remote and marginalized communities, something he has been taught to do since he was a child.     

Alhaji S. Mansaray | Finance Officer

Alhaji loves his country especially when it comes to its music and its soccer matches. He is currently taking classes in accounting and hopes to continue to grow within his position at CAUSE Canada. What makes him most proud about working for CAUSE Canada is that it has maintained a positive reputation, both within the country as well as the international community. He feels that the work that CAUSE Canada does with the amputees and disabled members of society is extremely important because it gives individuals a second chance at a better life. He believes that the small business and micro-credit programs are making a dramatic difference in the future of many vulnerable members of society.

Jeremiah Wurie | Driver

Before working with CAUSE Canada, Jeramiah worked with an organization called "Mercy Ships," with whom he worked as a driver. Jeramiah enjoyed an incredibly rewarding job as he spent his time driving to remote communities of Sierra Leone in search of women in need of medical attention. Jeramiah worked in parternship with local leaders, traditional birth attendants, and nurses to locate those women with obstetric fistulas who were most in need. Jeramiah explains that the dancing and celebrations of the women were one of his favourite parts of the job. "I would beat drums and they would dance and tell Papa God tanki for becoming whole again." Although the work was meaningful, in 2010 Jeramiah sought out more permanent employment and is very pleased to have been working with CAUSE Canada as a driver since then.

According to Jeramiah, his favourite part of working with CAUSE Canada is getting a chance to meet so many different international people. When working with CAUSE Canada he can find time for his family, which is important as he is a single father of 2 children: a little boy who is 9 and his daughter who is 12 years old. Jeramiah says he is "single, free, and hopeful."

Southern Sierra Leone | Bo, Moyamba, & Makeni

Mohamed Juana | Project Officer, Health
In 2005, Mr. Juana began working for CAUSE Canada as the Project Officer: Health. His duties include preparing monthly, quarterly and yearly reports, writing health project proposals, assisting program coordinators in facilitating and coordinating training, and mentoring program staff. Mohamed received his National Diploma in Environmental Health Technology from Njala University, and is currently working towards his Masters in Health Care Administration. He continually strives to blend field experience with theoretical knowledge, and will often provide a model for staff by completing some in-field work himself. In the future, he hopes to use his experience and education to become a tutor in a Public Health University.

Northern Sierra Leone | Kabala, Koinadugu District

Augustine Zoker |
Program Manager North
Holding a Higher Teacher's Certificate and BSc in Economics, Mr. Zoker loves working with grassroot community development projects, which makes him a perfect fit for his position at CAUSE Canada. As Program Manager-North, Mr. Zoker ensures correct implementation of development projects, works with the Country Director to write proposals for future projects, ensures the proper use of resources and project items, and acts as a liason between CAUSE Canada and other NGO partners, government authorities, and communities in Northern Sierra Leone. Mr. Zoker's dream? Having been a teacher for eleven years, he envisions supporting projects which facilitate the growth of ideal schools—where children are cared for, and all of the needed facilities and resources are provided. He enjoys working for CAUSE Canada because it's a small NGO: big enough to make a very significant impact, but small enough that staff members know and care for each other.

Aminata Dusuba Fofanah | Peer Literacy Coordinator

Aminata has taught for seven years; she received her Teacher's Certificate from the Makeni Teacher's College in 2006. She joined the CAUSE team in February 2008. As a Literacy Promoter, Aminata offers support and recommendations to community based literacy facilitators, creates monthly Krio bulletins to serve as learning materials, continues to improve the literacy curriculum, and teaches leadership classes.

Aminata is passionate about literacy—in the past, she volunteered to teach basic literacy to a small group of adults who hadn't gone to school. She enjoys working for CAUSE because of its mandate to develop the poorest districts and empower individuals.

Joshua K. Samura | Literacy Promoter, CAUSE Kids
Pastor Joshua came to CAUSE Canada in 2009. He has his Teacher’s Certificate and he has also recently completed a diploma in Project Management and Design. He is now working on a B.A. in Community Development Studies. In addition to his training, he comes to CAUSE Canada equipped with a passion for education as a means of alleviating poverty.

Joshua’s role at CAUSE is to promote literacy among marginalized women. In order to accomplish this, he teaches women’s literacy and leadership classes every week in rural communities of the Koinadugu district. For many of his students, it is their first experience with formal education. Along with the other literacy promoters, Joshua helps to improve the quality of life of these women through education and the savings match program.

Joshua chooses to work with CAUSE Canada because he wants to be involved in alleviating poverty among marginalized groups in his county. As a pastor and literacy promoter, Joshua is working towards a career of teaching, counseling and preaching to liberate people from ignorance, poverty and spiritual bondage. He is also planning to continue with his own education so that one day he can be a professor.

Daniel Daduwa Fatorma | Literacy Promoter, CAUSE Kids
Daniel Daduwa Fatorma first worked with CAUSE Canada as an intern with SWET in 2009 and he later joined WIEP in July 2010 to work as a substitute loan promoter for when other promoters were on leave. Grateful for his experience with CAUSE Canada, when the opportunity arose he became a full-time literacy promoter in January 2011. Daniel is responsible for teaching literacy and numeracy women from remote villages in Koinadugu, as well as facilitating leadership classes. He also keeps record of attendance and savings collections for the women.

As a dedicated Christian, Daniel believes that he should help marginalized poor people and he likes CAUSE Canada because that is exactly what they do. He also enjoys the activities in the field and interacting with the beneficiaries of WIEP. Prior to working with CAUSE, Daniel was working as a salesman and advancing his education. He holds a National Technical Certificate in Business Studies and a National Diploma in Business Administration, both from Eastern Polytechnic, Kenema. In the future he would like to further his education in Business Administration up to a Master’s level and he would like to work as a successful businessman.

Rugiatu Tarawalie | CAUSE Kids Monitoring Coordinator

Rugiatu joined the CAUSE family in February of 2009 as the Health and Monitoring Assistant. Her duties include monitoring and development of health policies and system for the CAUSE Kids program, distribution of teaching and learning materials and uniforms, inventory of materials issued to schools and regular updating of school statistics. She is currently in college taking a distance learning course for a Business Administration diploma out of Makeni. 

During her free time, Rugiatu enjoys reading, listening to the radio and playing volleyball. She would like to achieve more and to better her education. She also wants to be a good and humble housewife in the future and to be good and open to all.

Alie M. Bangura | CAUSE Kids Agriculture Officer
Alie has competed his Ordinary National Diploma (OND) in Agriculture at the General National Agricultural Training Center in the Njala University College (NUC) from 2000 to 2003. He has been with CAUSE Canada since June 2008. His responsibilities include anything agricultural related such as producing and monitoring an agricultural journal, preparing an agricultural budget and ensuring the proper use of community oxen and proper management of proceeds from community gardens as well as keeping track of the agricultural item inventory and monitoring and evaluating the community gardens.

Oumar A. M. Kamara | SWET Supervisor

Oumar has been a reliable member of the CAUSE family since 2005. Oumar is equipped with a Teacher’s Certificate from Freetown Teacher’s College. In addition, he holds three certificates of completion for workshops offered by Right to Play: the first one was a Project Management Workshop, the second was called Coach to Coach and the third was regarding a Business Class Curriculum. More recently, he has also taken courses in Literacy and Leadership Skills and the Training of Trainers for the Children’s Government/ Child Friendly School Project.

At CAUSE Canada, Oumar coordinates and supervises monthly Community Sensitization Meetings for UNICEF programs. In addition, he facilitates workshops on the establishment of School Management Committees (SMC), Mother’s Clubs (MC) and Student Government in 10 schools in the Koinadugu district. Oumar also designs materials for field agents who facilitate similar workshops and provides them with logistic and technical support. Once the program has been implemented, Oumar is responsible for supervising and evaluating community participation and progress. Finally, he reports to the Project Manager on activities in the field. Oumar may also be called upon to assume management responsibilities when the project manager is absent. 

When asked why he chooses to work for CAUSE, Oumar replied that the acronym (Christian Aid for Under-Assisted Societies Everywhere) is self explanatory. He also appreciates that the implementation of CAUSE programs is done with community participation. In the future, Oumar would like to continue his activities effectively and successfully, imparting good management skills and basic competence in education methodology to the SMCs, MCs and Children’s Governments. He is also hoping to acquire his Higher Teacher’s Certificate as well as a Diploma in Community Studies and Project Management.

Alpha Igielu Shaw | UNICEF Field Monitor

Alpha Igielu Shaw, or “Shaw,” became involved with CAUSE Canada in February 2009 as a CAUSE Kids intern, where he conducted human rights and children’s government teachings in schools. He was then recruited by the UNICEF component in November 2009. As a field monitor, Shaw mobilizes communities and conducts sensitizations on UNICEF’s activities including the Mother’s Clubs, Children’s Governments and School Management Committees. In each community for which he is responsible he supervises action plans, provides project criteria, supplies resources and provides weekly reports and updates.

Shaw’s internship with CAUSE Kids motivated him to work with CAUSE because he felt that it was a family with no barriers between staff. Working with CAUSE and UNICEF has allowed him to learn a lot and see the added value of the work in his life. As a native of Kabala, Shaw is familiar with the local tradition and atmosphere and he enjoys working here to benefit the local people.

Prior to working with CAUSE Canada, Shaw worked with the National Election Commission (NEC) as an assistant registrar in 2002 and as a registrar in 2004. He also served as a volunteer with Community Animation Development Organization (CADO) in 2006 to teach proper hygiene and sanitation in schools. Shaw holds a Diploma in Peace and Conflict Studies from Milton Migrai College of Education and Technology, Goderich Campus and in the future he would like to further his studies, potentially in law.

Santigie Sorie Conteh | UNICEF Field Monitor
Santigie Sorie Conteh or “Santos” began volunteering with UNICEF in January 2011 and was hired on full-time in April 2011. As a field monitor with UNICEF, his job is to go to the field and conduct training and monitoring of the activities of the Mother’s Clubs, School Management Committees and Children’s Governments in the communities for which he is responsible.

Santos enjoys working for CAUSE Canada because it helps poor people and targets the most vulnerable communities. He first joined CAUSE Canada as a volunteer because he wanted to help the people in his community and thought he would gain a lot of knowledge and experience doing so. Since he is from Koinadugu, Santos wants to remain working in the district so that he can ensure people are advancing with the help of CAUSE Canada. He says that he can see the benefit in the communities he is working in and he believes there are a lot of success stories from the intervention of UNICEF’s project.

Santos holds a Diploma in Community Development Studies, specializing in health, from Northern Polytechnic. Prior to working with CAUSE Canada and UNICEF he worked as a health sciences teacher at Loma Secondary School. In the future, Santos would like to continue to work for CAUSE because he wants to see the quality of education improve in Koinadugu District.

Chernor A. Jalloh | UNICEF Field Monitor

Chernor A. Jalloh began working with CAUSE Canada as an intern with CAUSE Kids in February 2010. He was then hired on full-time to work as a field monitor with UNICEF in October 2010. His responsibilities involve doing training and monitoring for Mother’s Clubs, Children’s Governments, and School Management Committees in various communities throughout Koinadugu District.

Chernor decided to work with CAUSE Canada because he enjoyed the experience from his internship and could see the good work that CAUSE was doing. He claims that as a Koinaduguan, he likes to work in the interest of his own people. He enjoys working with school programs, gaining experience and benefiting his own communities.
Prior to his work with CAUSE Canada, Chernor was trained in and worked as a learning facilitator with World Vision, training people about good governance and democracy. He holds a Diploma in International Relations from Milton Magrai College of Education and Technology, Goderich Campus and in the future he would like to further his education in the area of history and politics.

Cornelius Vandy Macauley | UNICEF Field Monitor
Cornelius Vandy Macauley, or “Macauley,” began working with CAUSE Canada in April 2011. As a UNICEF field monitor, he is promoting education in the region by working with the Mother’s Clubs, School Management Committees and Children’s Governments in various communities.

Macauley decided to work for CAUSE because he wanted to gain experience working in an NGO, as well as to improve on his life and build new skills. He likes working for CAUSE because he is able to learn a lot and work hard. He likes being exposed to those who are vulnerable so that he can learn to help them and accept them. He also enjoys gaining a holistic knowledge of development, since CAUSE is involved in many activities. Macauley says he likes his job because he has fun at work, he is learning community languages and he sees cooperation from the people he works with.

Macauley holds a Higher Teachers Certificate in Social Sciences and Economics from Milton Migrai College and he has three years of teaching experience in junior secondary and senior secondary schools. In the future he wants to continue building his capacity by attaining a degree in social sciences. Macauley also has a passion for drama and music. While he was a teacher he created a movie for his classes to break down learning into stories. He also sings and plays the drums, the keyboard and the guitar.

Abu Bakarr Koroma | UNICEF Field Monitor
Abu Bakarr Koroma began working as an intern with UNICEF in March 2010 and was hired on full-time in October 2010. As a field monitor, Abu Bakarr’s activities include going to various communities in Koinadugu to conduct sensitizations and training sessions for Mother’s Clubs, School Management Committees and Children’s Governments, as well as supervising and monitoring these activities.

Abu Bakarr decided to work with CAUSE Canada and UNICEF because he felt doing so would help him gain a lot of useful experience. He loves the work he is involved with because it is enlightening and it deals with educating people in remote communities, which he believes to be very important. Additionally, since Abu Bakarr is from Kabala, he enjoys working in the surrounding communities because he feels that he is helping with their development.

Abu Bakarr holds a Diploma in Human Resource Management from Northern Polytechnic, as well as a Certificate in Electrical Engineering from the German Technical Academy (GTZ). Prior to working with UNICEF and CAUSE Canada he worked with the Sierra Leone Adult Education Association (SLADEA), teaching literacy and numeracy to adults in Kabala, and he also served as a teacher at D.C. Primary Central in Kabala. In the future, Abu Bakarr would like to further pursue his education in electrical engineering.

Kidoe Konteh | UNICEF Field Monitor
Kidoe Konteh began volunteering with UNICEF in January 2011 and she became fully employed in April 2011 because of her valuable work. As a field monitor with UNICEF, she is responsible for training and supervising the activities of the Mother’s Clubs, School Management Committees and Children’s Governments in various communities in Koinadugu.

Kidoe decided to work with UNICEF and CAUSE Canada because she believes in the importance of education, especially in helping to develop remote communities. Kidoe is from Kabala and she wants her work to benefit local men, women and children. Kidoe not only enjoys working in the field, but she also enjoys learning from her supervisors, who she feels educate her greatly about the work she is involved in.

Before working with UNICEF, Kidoe did business in Kabala as a petty trader. She also studied Business Administration at Northern Polytechnic. In the future she would like to become an accountant and work in a bank, since that was the area she focused on in school. She also wants to further pursue her education.

Mabinty Mansaray | UNICEF Office Secretary
Mabinty Mansaray began working with CAUSE Canada in 2010. As UNICEF’s office secretary, her responsibilities include collecting and inputting data, typing monthly reports and providing support to the UNICEF staff.

Mabinty decided to work with CAUSE Canada and UNICEF because she wanted to promote others within her community, particularly women and children, as well as build on her own abilities. She enjoys the work she does because she can see a lot of benefit in the community from the way that CAUSE Canada implements its projects. She feels at home working with CAUSE Canada.

Mabinty came to CAUSE with a Certificate in Secretarial Studies from ITTC and a Diploma in Computer Studies from UNON. Prior to working for CAUSE Canada she worked as a secretary with the Ministry of Education and the Ministry of Youth and Sport in Koinadugu, and as a secretary at Community Action for Development, another local NGO. In the future Mabinty would like to become a computer specialist so that she can help fix computers that have problems.

Peter Bakie Ajibu | SWET Regional Supervisor, Kamakwie

Ajibu came on board with CAUSE Canada in 2008. He came with a very strong and diverse educational background. He holds a Certificate in Small Business Management from the University of Sierra Leone. He also has two diplomas; one in Development Studies from Stratford College of Management in London and the other in Agriculture General, which he received at the Makeni Baptist Vocational Institute. In addition to his education, Ajibu has 3 years valuable experience working as an Income Generating Activities Officer with Action Contre la Faim. 

As a regional supervisor for SWET in Kamakwie, Ajibu is involved in every part of the microfinance process. First, he identifies new communities for possible SWET expansion and offers training to potential and current clients. Once new clients have come on board, Ajibu prepares loan documents for disbursement. After new clients have received their loans, he monitors their businesses and collects regular loan payments from them. 

Ajibu chooses to work with CAUSE Canada because it is a Christian, humanitarian organization that is geared towards improving the living standard and self esteem of the people in Koindadugu. Ajibu appreciates these aims and wants to continue to work towards them. In the future he would like to get involved with writing up development and academic projects for the communities that are hardest to reach.

Mary Sesay | SWET Loan Promoter

Mary joined the CAUSE Canada team in early 2009. Mary is well trained in Accounting and Finance. She holds both a certificate and a diploma in this field from the Northern Polytechnic campus in Makeni and she is still hoping to further her studies.

Mary decided to work for CAUSE because she has found the organization to be reliable. Her responsibilities as a loan promoter include disbursing loans and performing weekly or bi-weekly loan collections. Like all loan promoters, Mary works closely with her clients, empowering them to invest their loans wisely and build up their businesses. She also works in the office, preparing documents for subsequent disbursements and updating all of her current client files. 

In the future, Mary wants to continue with her education and further build her capacity in the field of accounting and finance. As she builds on her education and experience, she will lay a very strong foundation for her career. 

Mohamed Mansaray | SWET Loan Promoter

Mohamed has been a faithful worker for CAUSE Canada since June 2004. He has his Level III Adult Literacy qualifications and many years of on-the-job experience with CAUSE Canada. He began as a day guard and has worked his way through a series of promotions to his current position.

As a SWET loan promoter, Mohamed is responsible for disbursing loans and collecting repayments from clients and conducting business training classes for women. Mohamed’s hard work is helping to empower women in remote villages in Koinadugu. We are fortunate to have such a helpful, accommodating member of our team. 

One of the reasons that Mohamed chooses to work for CAUSE Canada is that they are committed to building the capacity of their staff.  In the future Mohamed aims to develop himself through education. He also hopes to continue to engage in development programs that will assist his community. 

Usman Adams Sesay | SWET Loan Promoter
Usman Adams Sesay began working as an intern with SWET in April 2011. Once his internship ended, he continued as a volunteer until he gained full employment in October 2011. As a loan promoter, Usman is responsible for collecting loan repayments from clients and depositing them at the bank, conducting disbursements, doing field visits and training new SWET clients.

Usman decided to work with SWET because he felt motivated by its vision and mission statement. He enjoys learning about microfinance and he feels that he is gaining good experience at SWET. Additionally, as a  native of Kabala, Usman enjoys working in Koinadugu as he feels that it is his duty to serve his community. Before working with SWET, Usman was completing a Diploma in Business Administration at Northern Polytechnic, Makeni Campus. He also worked as a landscaper for the new U.S. Embassy in Freetown. Usman is an avid football fan and when he is not working he enjoys cheering on his favourite team, Manchester United.

Ahmed Sheku Turay | SWET Loan Promoter
Ahmed Sheku Turay began working with SWET as an intern in March 2010, and because of his hard work and dedication to the job he was hired on full-time in July 2011. As a loan promoter with SWET, Ahmed is responsible for going to the field to disburse loans, collect repayments and conduct business development trainings with clients.

Ahmed wanted to devote himself as a staff CAUSE Canada because it is a helpful humanitarian organization and he wanted to contribute to CAUSE’s good work. He also believes the work he does with SWET is well matched to his educational background. Ahmed was born in Koinadugu and he is dedicated to the development of his district. He enjoys working with devoted clients to reduce poverty in the area.

Ahmed has a strong educational background including a Diploma in Computer Software, as well as a Diploma in Accounting and Finance and Higher National Diploma in Accounting and Finance. In the future Ahmed hopes to continue to upgrade his educational credentials, but above all he hopes to be a peaceful and productive citizen of Sierra Leone.

Shekuba Fofonah | Head Office Day Guard/Office Assistant
Shekuba began working with CAUSE Canada in 2009. He decided to join the CAUSE team because he hopes that the income and work experience will enable him to pursue further education. Currently, Shekuba has his West African Senior School Certificate Examination (WASSCE).

At the CAUSE Canada main office, Shekuba is responsible for taking care of all CAUSE assets, both in and outside the building, during the day time. His duties include providing security, running the generator during work hours, cleaning around the office and conveying messages for CAUSE Canada staff.

In the future, Shekuba hopes to return to school and study economics. When he becomes an economist, he would like to be involved in the work of stabilizing the Sierra Leonean economy. In the future he hopes to continue working with humanitarian organizations like CAUSE Canada that work for the poor in Sierra Leone, so that he can also contribute to their empowerment and development.

Mohamed Sillah | CAUSE Kids Guard/Office Assistant
Mohamed is a trained and qualified carpenter. He joined the CAUSE Canada team as an office guard in 2009. At the CAUSE Kids office, Mohamed ensures the security of all CAUSE property. He is also responsible for cleaning the office and compound and running occasional errands for CAUSE Kids staff. Mohamed has also proven willing and available to do any additional jobs that may come up. For example, he was recently involved in a project to train members of the Student Governments how to repair school furniture. 

One reason that Mohamed chooses to work with CAUSE Kids is that he feels it is one of the best ways for him to help in the eradication of poverty and illiteracy in Sierra Leone.  In the future, one of Mohamed’s goals is to take adult literacy classes. 

Alie Kamara | SWET Security
Alie Kamara began working with SWET and CAUSE Canada in April 2011. He is responsible for taking care of the SWET property and securing it at night. He also performs other activities, such as cleaning the compound, fetching water and cutting the grass. Alie takes on other roles when needed and often helps the loan promoters do collections in the field, count money and make deposits at the bank.

Alie enjoys working at SWET and feels that he is a valued member of the team. He feels that he is gaining a lot of good experience from the work, especially from working hand-in-hand with the loan promoters. He says that since he began to work with SWET he feels that his life has changed. In the future, Alie hopes to further his education so he can continue to work at SWET and become a loan promoter.

Mohamed Sheriff "Big Daddy" Kamara | SWET Day Guard
Mohamed Kamara or “Big Daddy” began to work with SWET in April 2011, but he has been volunteering on various jobs with CAUSE Canada since 2007. As SWET Day Security, he cleans the work environment, opens and closes the office and helps the loan promoters with various activities such as collections in the field and deposits at the bank.

Big Daddy says that CAUSE Canada is a good organization and he feels it has assisted him with his education and his family life.  He feels that he is learning a lot from his work at SWET and gaining valuable experience in microfinance. In the future he would like to continue working his way up at SWET until he is one day a manager. Big Daddy is dedicated to the work of SWET and CAUSE Canada.

Lahai Turay | Night Guard
Lahai Turay has been working with CAUSE Canada since 2008. During this time, he has been responsible for taking care of all CAUSE Canada assets at the main office, guarding the office throughout the night and cleaning the CAUSE Canada compound every morning.

Lahai chooses to work with CAUSE Canada because his job enables him to have success in his goals, plans and purposes for the future. He currently has is Junior Secondary School (JSS III) qualifications and in the future he hopes to continue with his studies. In addition to his own education, he also wishes to help educate his children so that they will be empowered for the future.

Unisa "De Game" Turay | Driver

Unisa Turay, better known as De Game, began working with CAUSE in 2011. As a driver, De Game is responsible for safely transporting CAUSE Canada staff to remote communities throughout Koinadugu District. As such, he has to navigate some of the most difficult roads to travel in Sierra Leone.

De Game thinks that CAUSE Canada is a good place and he hasn’t experience any problems working here. Prior to being hired at CAUSE Canada, he did not hold a formal job and only did private work when he was needed. Since being employed full-time with CAUSE Canada, De Game claims he has seen change in his life. De Game is a new, but strong member of the CAUSE Canada family.

Vandi Parvi | Driver
In August of 2008, Vandi started to work for CAUSE Canada Sierra Leone. He is a very capable driver and is able to take any CAUSE Canada staff anywhere in Sierra Leone that they need to go, which is quite a feat with the current road infrastructure! When not driving around Sierra Leone, Vandi enjoys watching football matches and movies. In the future, he would like to open a business.


Sarah Mansaray | CAUSE Canada Guesthouse Caretaker
Sarah has been with the CAUSE Canada team for many years. She helps to take care of the guesthouse by sweeping, doing dishes and laundry. Sarah is also the head cook at a local cookery, Just Inn, and enjoys working with food. She has four children and is a great mother to them. Sarah would love to eventually get a sewing machine and become a seamstress.