Introducing Wendy Fehr

Wendy Fehr is CAUSE Canada’s new CEO (as of January 2016). Paul and Beverly Carrick will be stepping back… not out, taking on a consultative role. They will also be spending more time traveling to CAUSE Canada program locations in Sierra Leone, Guatemala and Honduras. It is an exciting new time for them and they are looking forward to this new chapter.

Wendy grew up in Alberta. She studied English and Women’s Studies as an undergraduate and received her Master of Arts in International Development in 2006 specializing in women in development.

Wendy has significant experience working, living, and travelling globally. Her career has largely focused on issues related to migration and human rights at the local and international levels including working on policy and research with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and the High Commissioner for Human Rights. Wendy is also knowledgeable in non-profit leadership having held director positions with the Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary and the Human Security Report Project.

Wendy is passionate about the issues at the heart of CAUSE Canada's mission. This month, January 2016, She will be in Guatemala with Beverly Carrick meeting the staff, the people and the projects.