The CAUSE Kids Sponsorship Program began in 2006 to remove the barriers of formal education to children in the Koinadugu Region of northern Sierra Leone.  In this model, no child is left out.  One entire school is sponsored at a time and the focus is on improving both the access for girls as well as the quality of education that each child receives.  The program is wholistic in nature, rooted in education while addressing all the factors that contribute to the vicious cycle of poverty.

This program has recently been expanded to partner with a Guatemalan organization: CIPECADI (Centro de Inclusion para Personas con Capaciades Diferentes). This local charity is a place where love is shown to children and youth with Down Syndrome, Autism, Infant Cerebral Paralysis, and behavior disorders. Concerned parents and compassionate neighbors, living in a poor community outside of Guatemala City, birthed this organization as an act of kindness for both disabled children and their parents.


There are several programs that fall under the CAUSE Kids banner.

CAUSE Kids Sponsorship Program

CAUSE Kids Guatemala Sponsorship Program

CAUSE Kids School Agriculture & Nutrition

CAUSE Kids Peer Literacy

CAUSE Kids Teachers' Resource Centre

CAUSE Bursary Program

Integrated Learning Centre