CAUSE Canada was founded in 1984 by Paul and Beverley Carrick. After years of working within the developing world for a large international charity, the Carricks returned to Canada to begin a family. Their many overseas partners, however, were not prepared to let them go. The Carricks were overwhelmed with project submissions from friends and former colleagues in both Central America and West Africa. Literally hundreds of excellent community-based project submissions were given to Paul and Bev for funding consideration.

Initially, the Carricks championed the best of these proposals to Canada’s most reputable non-governmental organizations. Unfortunately, the standard response was as follows: “Your projects are excellent, however, we have more of our own good projects on file than we can possibly finance. We cannot support your overseas projects before we find funding for our own. You will have to look elsewhere for assistance.” In response to this reality, the Carricks birthed CAUSE Canada.

Over the passed years, CAUSE Canada has raised over 35 million dollars for development programs within Latin America and Africa.

CAUSE Canada’s work has not been completed, however. The 26th Chapter of Matthew’s Gospel quotes Christ as saying that “You will always have the poor with you”. Christ does not say that we will always have extreme poverty with us. Therefore, we are challenged to overcome the evil of extreme poverty by performing compassionate acts of good. (Romans 12:21)

There remains much work left to do. CAUSE Canada plans on continuing the good fight of championing the rights of the poor until such time as extreme poverty ceases to exist.