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Host a Baby Shower

Baby Showers for Sierra Leone came from the idea that women are a powerful force for change. When confronted with the awful reality of 1 in 8 Sierra Leonean women dying in childbirth or pregnancy, Canadian women choose to act. We are not okay with this statistic. When motherhood is unsafe for women anywhere in the world, it diminishes us all as women, as daughters and as mothers or potential mothers. At CAUSE Canada, we wanted to come up with a practical and fun way for women to make a difference for our sisters across the world. So of course we decided that parties were the way to go!  


These parties will raise funds to build birthing huts in Sierra Leone; safe and hygienic places for women with high-risk pregnancies to be attended and supported. In Sierra Leone, all births are supposed take place in a clinic or hospital but many women choose to have an un-attended home birth rather than travel to a clinic where they don’t know anyone. The CAUSE Canada birthing huts are socially familiar and will provide a place for women to rest and wait for their delivery, be attended and supported by local midwives and traditional birthing attendants, receive education, and then have at least 24 hours of supervised care after the birth. They are also places where other children and companions are welcomed.

The Baby Shower for Sierra Leone idea is simple; you throw a baby shower and invite your friends. Ask them to contribute to the birthing hut project what they would normally contribute to a friend’s baby shower gift. Have a great time together and raise money for an excellent cause.


Want to host a Baby Shower for Sierra Leone?

Please contact the office for more details.