A CAUSE Canada Core Value: DIGNITY
…Celebrating the intelligence, worth and capacity of all that we work with…

Because CAUSE Canada believes in the inherent worth of every person, we recognize the potential of each individual to contribute to the creation of a healthy society.

CAUSE Canada treats each individual in our programs with respect.  We form our programs around identified community needs, believing that change needs to be initiated by the people who the work is for.  We endeavor to increase opportunities for members of isolated communities by increasing their range of options in making employment, health and educational choices.  We believe that it is easy to become the hero and to rescue people in distress, but that it is much harder to become one with the people and treat them as if they can rescue themselves.

CAUSE Canada strives to represent the people we work with in a manner that embodies the whole person.  This means that, although those who we work with are in great (and often desperate) need, this does not encompass all of who they are. In CAUSE Canada’s website, materials and literature, you will find pictures of smiling people engaged in their day-to-day tasks, stories of survival and hope, and visions for the future. 

CAUSE Canada endeavors to create a sense of solidarity between Canadians and citizens from across the world. We want Canadians to not only be aware of issues and realities, but to feel connected to the challenges and successes in other parts of the world. We love to see Canadians becoming active and vocal in celebrating human triumphs and criticizing abuse and injustice, and CAUSE Canada willingly offers resources: current and relevant information and materials, speakers for events, volunteer opportunities or guidance in organizing advocacy or fundraising events.