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CAUSE kids



In the CAUSE Kids Sponsorship Program no child is left out.  One entire school is sponsored at a time and the focus is on improving both the access for girls as well as the quality of education that each child receives.  The program is holistic in nature, rooted in education while addressing all the factors that contribute to the vicious cycle of poverty. Read more...

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Maternal & Newborn Child Health



CAUSE Canada’s Maternal and Newborn Child Health Program educates communities about pregnancy, breastfeeding, and nutrition through counseling, malnutrition screening and health care.



Microfinancing for Women


 The CAUSE Canada Microcredit Program provides loan capital, training and support to clients in Sierra Leone, Guatemala and Honduras.



Ron Hallam - Photographer

Gita Photos – Banff Landscape Photography

Ron Hallam (Photographer) is based in Banff and spends most of his time outdoors in nature photographing incredible and breathtaking landscape scenes in Banff National Park and other Parks and Locales in Canada. Ron offers a selection of original fine art prints for your home or office needs so that you too can appreciate a selection of natural beauty.


Ron , through Gita Photos (Gita is an acronym God Is The Artist) has dedicated a special gallery to CAUSE Canada. A percentage of sales of any image from this gallery will be donated to CAUSE Canada and you get to choose the percentage of the donation.


To view Gita Photos website go to: http://www.gitaphotos.com


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