In February 2015, CAUSE Sierra Leone field staff finished implementing a survey in collaboration with UNICEF to determine the number of Ebola survivors as well as the number of Ebola-impacted families in Koinadugu. Over the next few months CAUSE Canada’s Ebola program focussed on the following: 1) assisting Ebola orphans with reintegration within their extended families 2) providing Ebola-impacted families with resources to re-establish and retool their lives 3) helping Ebola-impacted families that have lost an important wage earner, patriarch or matriarch. Those vulnerable people who have been impacted by Ebola have received “survivor kits” including 50 kilos of rice, clothing, shoes and tools. Project personnel have also helped communities in the district to get ready for the re-opening of local schools.

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JANUARY 15, 2016:

New Ebola case in Sierra Leone; WHO continues to stress risk of more flare-ups