Lace Brick Design

Jackie is the owner and creator of Lace Brick Design.

Jackie has always been a creator.  As a young girl she remembers creating jewelry boxes from egg cartons, styling belts as headbands, and constantly rearranging the furniture in her room.

It was her love of design and quest for adventure that planted the seeds for Lace Brick Design (LBD) in the spring of 2013.  On a soul-searching trip to the West Coast Jackie stopped into a bead store and decided she would try out the art of earring making. A week later she “had handmade earrings coming out the wazoo”, and LBD began.

“What began as jewelry design has grown to become so much more to me: an outlet for all forms of creative expression, new friendships, feminine empowerment, constant learning, expansion of an entrepreneurial spirit, and more. I will be making pretty things ‘til I am a sassy ol’ grey-haired lady!“

Jackie lives by three core values:

  1. Love your friends and family hard;
  2.  Design a life that supports your passions; and
  3. Live in a way that makes the world a softer and prettier place to be, and always be authentic.

When she is not creating she can be found questing for the most delicious burger, relaxing in the mountains, spending time with her friends, writing or doing yoga.

CAUSE Canada is thrilled to be working with Lace Brick Design this holiday season and adding her Brass Circle Necklace to the gift catalogue.  LBD’s desire to collaborate with CAUSE is a reflection of Jackie’s desire to share the love and help those who may be less fortunate.