In a few short days, I will hop on a plane and make the journey from Sierra Leone back home to Canada. The few weeks that I have been here have been jammed packed meeting with our team here, meeting with our beneficiaries, driving the very bumpy roads from one end of the country to what seems like the other end!!

They held a very lively and competitive game of football (soccer).

Last Thursday I had the pleasure to meet with our beneficiaries from POPDA – an organization focused on helping people who have been affected by polio and their children. I was blown away by their enthusiasm for supporting each other and their advocacy for people who have had polio. It was so awesome to see the dignity that has been restored to these men and women. Countless times they said to me that without the support of CAUSE Canada, they would be beggars on the street.

Wendy Fehr

Executive Director, CAUSE Canada