Trisha Flanagan is a jewellery maker, mother of 2, olive eater, movie buff, and first generation Canadian. From an early age Trisha was drawn to expressing herself through the arts.  She found herself creating handcrafted objects and relished in their beauty.  It was the pursuit of this passion that led her to continue her formal education at Alberta College of Art and Design (ACAD) in Calgary, Alberta.  It was here that Trisha experimented with many types of mediums and eventually majored in Jewellery and Metals.

It was her continued education, love of her craft and passion that has led to the creation of Trisha Flanagan; a shop featuring one of a kind handmade silver jewellery. Trisha’s shop has been 11 years in the making as she continues to develop her skills and focus on designing and manufacturing her own unique style of jewellery.  Each piece Trisha makes she creates out of her home studio in Calgary.

Trisha thrives on making her purchasers happy.  She does collaborative work where she designs an individual piece with a specific client or need in mind.  Through her personal touches and eye for detail these pieces establish a life of their own and are not just jewellery but are symbols or reminders of loved ones, events, or experiences that one can carry with them everywhere they go.

In her down time Trisha lends a helping hand by sewing bibs for her sister’s business Wee Thing Mee. 

CAUSE Canada is thrilled to work with Trisha this holiday season. Her craftsmanship is beautiful and the pride she takes in her work is reflective in her product and the love people have for her pieces. Perfect for effortless everyday wear, these handmade sterling silver earrings measure 12mm long. Each earring has been formed, cut, soldered and polished to a high shine before making their way to you.