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Only with partners like you, is CAUSE Canada able to work with people living in extreme poverty. However, working in the developing world can be unpredictable with climate emergencies, volcano eruptions, or a mother’s sudden death.

CAUSE Canada’s work among rural, extremely poor people means that severe malnutrition and child mortality rates are high. The number of years children go to school is low, and most often their parents are illiterate. Families usually have dirt floors, low access to water, electricity, or toilets. The daily struggle to survive means that when a disaster or new hardship strikes an individual, family, or community, urgent action must be taken.

Please consider giving a one-time or monthly donation to help CAUSE Canada respond to the most urgent needs. Sometimes this might mean providing school fees to a young girl whose mother has died and was abandoned by her father. Other times, it means providing emergency health responses during a natural disaster.

Help us address the unpredictability that affects the lives of people in the developing world so that they can one day rise out of extreme poverty.

Thank you for choosing to make a monthly donation.

To set up a monthly donation from your bank account, or to change an existing monthly donation, please call CAUSE at (403) 678-3332 or toll free: (888) 552-2873.

Please Note: You are making a one time purchase for the monthly amount at this time. One of our representatives will contact you to setup automated monthly donations.

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Monthly Donation

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