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Stand with the strong, hopeful, fearless women and girls who are impacting their communities.

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Women and girls are the catalysts for change in their own communities. But throughout the developing world, their voices are often ignored, or worse, suppressed. Across the globe, women and girls remain on the outside looking in when it comes to education, health care, and livelihoods.

You can help change that.

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Guatemala has some of the worst poverty, malnutrition and child mortality rates in Latin America. Some 80% of the Indigenous population live below the poverty line.

As they achieve financial independence through community microfinance programs, women can live with dignity and poverty rates are reduced.

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In Honduras, 34% of girls are married before the age of 18. Teenage pregnancy causes serious health, social, and economic concerns, including infant and mother mortality.

When women are trained to lead local health committees, pregnancy is postponed, mortality rates are reduced, and community well-being is improved.

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Only 5% of girls in Sierra Leone will complete secondary school. In rural areas, barely half the children will even begin their primary education.

Providing access to quality education, libraries, and after-school programs helps girls achieve their academic goals and prepares them for a better future.

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Fatima is the Change

As a shy, primary age schoolgirl in Sierra Leone, Fatima* struggled with simple reading and spelling assignments. Her inability to read shattered her confidence and threatened to stall her education. But Fatima is not one to give up easily.

When CAUSE Canada introduced her to an after-school learning program, Fatima immersed herself with unwavering determination. Through her daily reading practice, something remarkable happened: reading and spelling became effortless. Fatima's grades soared and she won a reading competition at her school!

The after-school program not only nurtured Fatima's academic abilities, but it also instilled the belief that anything was possible with determination and access to quality education.

As a She is the Change monthly partner, you'll be helping brave women and girls across Central America and West Africa like Fatima realize their value as they pursue a better future for themselves and their communities.

*Name has been changed

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Frequently Asked Questions

Monthly giving significantly increases the impact of your gifts as it allows CAUSE Canada to better plan and budget for projects knowing that the funding will enable proper investment in helping people realize opportunities to reach their full potential. It also helps to reduce administration costs.

Through She is the Change, you have an opportunity to amplify the voices of strong, hopeful, fearless women and girls in their pursuit of dignity and a better future for themselves and their communities.

As a monthly She is the Change donor, you’ll be coming alongside women and girls to have an impact in three key areas:

  • Education: Girls that don’t complete school are more likely to start families too young. Support children, especially girls, as they invest in themselves and recognize their true potential by completing their secondary schooling.
  • Health: Impoverished, rural communities continue to live with limited access to medical care, leading to high mortality of women and children under 5-years of age. Your support trains local health committees, community leaders, woman, and youth to better support the well-being of their most vulnerable, high-risk community members.
  • Livelihoods: In many developing countries, the economic empowerment of women faces a host of obstacles. Your monthly contribution supports microfinance programs in which women receive small business training, loans and grants that allow them to reinvest a portion of their profits to support other women and girls.
She is the Change reports will be sent twice annually, in addition to CAUSE Canada’s newsletter and annual report. We invite you to read our 2022-23 annual report!
At CAUSE Canada, we are committed to using each donation in the most effective way possible. We aim to report transparently each year on our overall impact and financial standing. To learn more about our accountability, visit
Yes! All CAUSE Kids students will continue to benefit from CAUSE Canada’s work in Sierra Leone. Since CAUSE Kids started, the Government of Sierra Leone and educational access have increased significantly. While school quality and retention in Sierra Leone is poor, the need to provide uniforms and schoolbooks is less but programs that help children stay in school, such as high-quality school resources, retention strategies, such as working with Mothers’ Clubs are now becoming much more effective and sustainable. CAUSE Canada continues to passionately support education, health and livelihoods in rural Sierra Leone. We want to give more children and families a hand-up not a hand-out.
She is the Change is focusing directly on women and girls however, we know that when women benefit, all their children benefit. We also know that if we are going to improve the lives of women and girls, we also must work with men and boys to help them be responsible for the violence and discrimination that happens because girls and women are less valued. Lastly, it is in everyone’s best interest to help all family members thrive. Girls and women living in poverty face additional barriers because they are female. We know you are as committed to helping the most vulnerable and marginalized as we are and, this is primarily girls and women.
Our team would be pleased to speak with you! Please get in touch with our team via email ( or by phone (403.678.3332)