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“The biggest enemy of health in the developing world is poverty.”

Kofi Annan


Since its founding, CAUSE Canada has been working with people living in extreme poverty in rural, remote, and marginalized communities in developing countries. CAUSE Canada is a Christian-based organization that believes, as followers of Jesus, it is our mission and mandate to work alongside the extreme poor to help them overcome the barriers that keep them hungry, uneducated, and without medical support – that keep them in poverty, and from realizing their potential and justice.

We believe that every person has right to be valued and treated with dignity.

CAUSE Canada was founded in 1984 by Paul and Beverley Carrick. At that time, CAUSE Canada began working in Guatemala, Mali, and Liberia. In 1988, it began providing emergency health care and distribution of food and non-food items to 30,000 internally displaced women and children in Sierra Leone.

Around the same time, in the community of Twicuxlaj, Guatemala, CAUSE Canada built the first of many water and sanitation systems. These systems have now been implemented in over 40 communities in rural highlands of Guatemala and we continue to work with communities to help them access fresh water.

In 1993, the organization began providing maternal, newborn, and child health support. This area of programming has also grown and CAUSE Canada is now working in more than 140 communities to help decrease the maternal and infant mortality in rural, marginalized communities in Guatemala and Honduras.

Over the years, CAUSE Canada has continued to grow, adding the CAUSE Kids Sponsorship Program in 2006. In 2017, CAUSE Canada’s education programs served over 17,000 children.

CAUSE Canada also responds to emergency situations when its expertise and knowledge of the disaster-hit region is needed. These relief efforts have included Hurricane Mitch (Honduras, 1998), Hurricane Stan (Guatemala, 2005), and the Ebola outbreak (Sierra Leone, 2014).

The CAUSE Canada journey has been exciting, and at times challenging, however helping people living extreme poverty to realize that their lives matter is the heartbeat of CAUSE Canada.

Mission Statement

Inspired by faith in Christ, CAUSE Canada strives to be a catalyst for global justice. We provide sustainable, integrated community development in rural West Africa and Central America through authentic, collaborative long-term relationships.



We are motivated and guided by our relationship with God as Creator and Jesus Christ as loving Saviour of all people, and by God’s Word in the Bible which calls us to sacrificially serve our fellow human beings, especially those who suffer most.

All of our work is oriented toward promoting just, respectful and peaceful relationships between all peoples, between humanity and God, and between communities and their environment. Promoting a holistic well-being, a “shalom”, in communities is fundamental to improved quality of life everywhere.

The inherent worth of every person regardless of social status, disability, race, religion or gender is the foundation of our work within marginalized communities. We recognize the potential of every person to develop his/her abilities in contributing to building healthy society.

CAUSE Canada, as a Christian faith based organization, heeds the call of God to reach out to marginalized, oppressed, suffering and deprived members of the human family.

Leadership as Christians means to serve. We are called to work diligently, without self-interest and a desire for material reward, for the poorest of the poor.

It is important to maximize the quality of our efforts in order that effective, long term, holistic transformation may occur among the people with whom we work, by the grace and for the glory of God.


CAUSE Canada Office Location:

Calgary, Alberta

Canadian Staff

Wendy Fehr: Executive Director

Wendy Fehr is the Executive Director at CAUSE Canada. Wendy grew up in Alberta and studied English and Women’s Studies as an undergraduate and later received her Master of Arts in International Development with a focus on women in development.

Wendy’s career has focused on issues related to human rights, and to forced and economic migration at the local and international levels. Her experience includes working in research and policy on education and gender-based violence with the United Nations High Commission for Refugees and High Commission for Human Rights. She is also experienced in non-profit leadership having worked in director positions with the Immigrant Sector Council of Calgary and the Human Security Report Project.

Sierra Leone

CAUSE Canada Office Locations:

  1. Head Office | UNIMAK, Makeni
  2. Southern Sierra Leone | Bo, Moyamba, & Makeni
  3. Northern Sierra Leone | Kabala

Joseph Bangura / Country Director

Joseph Bangura has a BSc (Hons.) in Applied Geophysics from The Stary Oskol Geological Prospecting College in the former USSR and an MSc in Groundwater and Foundation Engineering from the University of Tübingen in West Germany. He has led engineering programs for Plan Sierra Leone, Child Fund, Catholic Mission, Community Action for Progress, UNICEF, the World Bank, and the Government of Sierra Leone, founded GEOWATER Company for constructing water and sanitation infrastructure and WEBCO Construction Enterprise – for other construction projects. Prior to becoming Country Director, Joseph was CAUSE Canada’s Sierra Leone Program Engineer.

Total staff in Sierra Leone: 32

CAUSE Canada Programs

  • CAUSE Kids
  • Teacher Support
  • Integrated Learning Centre (Computers and Mobile Library)
  • School Feeding Program
  • School Food Gardens
  • Peer Literacy Program
  • CAUSE Bursary Program
  • Micro-credit: business loans and training
  • Maternal Newborn Child Health
  • Programs for the disabled
  • Birthing Huts


CAUSE Canada Office Locations:

  1. Todos Santos Cuchumatán
  2. Comitancillo

Jorge David Sandoval Bautista | Country Representative

Since 2002, Jorge has worked on reforestation projects, nursery programs and has been coordinating the Women`s Integral Empowerment Program in Comitancillo, San Marcos and Todos Santos Cuchumatanes, Huehuetenango. Jorge lives in San Marcos with his wife Libia Anayí Méndez López and their children; Paulo and Sharon. Jorge shares CAUSE Canada`s vision to help under-assisted people, particularly those of his country, Guatemala.

Total staff in Guatemala: 8

CAUSE Canada Programs

  • Micro-finance: business loans and training
  • Maternal Newborn Child Health
  • Literacy Program
  • CIPECADI(children with special needs)
  • Potable Water Program


CAUSE Canada Office Locations:

  1. Las Vegas, Santa Bárbara
  2. Esparta

Jose Gabriel Flores | Country Director

Jose Gabriel Flores was born in the city of La Ceiba in 1980. Educated by a single mother, he graduated in Agricultural Economics at CURLA de la Ceiba. Jose is experienced in many roles and has worked as a microcredit promoter, a Pharmacy and Distribution Center manager, a manager for the municipalities of La Ceiba, Roatan and Santa Barbara, and as a financial administrator. Jose is currently living in Comayagua with his wife, Cecilia Gabriela. He has always had a passion to empower people and contribute to his country. Thanks to CAUSE Canada this dream is being fulfilled.

Total staff in Honduras: 5

CAUSE Canada Programs

  • Micro-finance: business loans and training
  • Maternal Newborn Child Health

Current Programs



Sierra Leone

Invest in a life. Impact a community.

Make our world a better place.