Mission Statement

Inspired by faith in Christ, CAUSE Canada strives to be a catalyst for global justice. We provide sustainable, integrated community development in rural West Africa and Central America through authentic, collaborative long-term relationships.


We are motivated and guided by our relationship with God as Creator and Jesus Christ as loving Saviour of all people, and by God’s Word in the Bible which calls us to sacrificially serve our fellow human beings, especially those who suffer most.

All of our work is oriented toward promoting just, respectful and peaceful relationships between all peoples, between humanity and God, and between communities and their environment. Promoting a holistic well-being, a “shalom”, in communities is fundamental to improved quality of life everywhere.

The inherent worth of every person regardless of social status, disability, race, religion or gender is the foundation of our work within marginalized communities. We recognize the potential of every person to develop his/her abilities in contributing to building healthy society.

CAUSE Canada, as a Christian faith based organization, heeds the call of God to reach out to marginalized, oppressed, suffering and deprived members of the human family.

Leadership as Christians means to serve. We are called to work diligently, without self-interest and a desire for material reward, for the poorest of the poor.

It is important to maximize the quality of our efforts in order that effective, long term, holistic transformation may occur among the people with whom we work, by the grace and for the glory of God.